The SSPX and the Priesthood

The Society’s purpose is the priesthood and all that pertains to it and nothing but what concerns it; i.e., the priesthood as Our Lord Jesus Christ willed it when he said, “Do this for a commemoration of me.”

The Society must therefore orient the priest towards — and have him concretize in his daily life what is essentially his raison d’être: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, with all that it means, all that flows from it, and all that complements it.

The Society’s members will therefore have a true and continual devotion towards their Holy Mass, towards the Liturgy which enshrines it, and towards everything which contributes to make the liturgy more expressive of the Mystery accomplished in it. They will be anxious to leave nothing undone in preparing spiritually and materially for the Sacred Mysteries. A profound theological knowledge of the Sacrifice of the Mass will convince them always more firmly that the whole Revelation, the Mystery of Faith, the completion of the Mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption, and the whole efficacy of the apostolate are accomplished in this sublime reality.

The Society is placed especially under the patronage of Jesus, the High Priest. for Our Lord’s whole existence was and remains priestly, and the Sacrifice of the Cross was the reason for His Incarnation. Thus the life of the Society’s members, for whom “Mihi vivere christus est” is a reality, is entirely directed towards the Sacrifice of the Mass which prolongs our Lord’s Sacred Passion.

It is also under the ægis of Mary, Mother of the Priest par excellence, and through him Mother of all priests, in whom she forms her Son. She reveals to them the profound motives for their virginity, a condition for the flowering of their Priesthood.


(From the Statutes of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X)