First_Vows_GroupThe Brothers of the SSPX, after fulfilling a one-year postulate and a one-year novitiate, help the priests with various functions, be they apostolic works (teaching catechism and in primary schools, assisting with the choir), or material tasks (sacristy work, cooking, upkeep of the priory), in order to unburden the priests from obstacles to their apostolate. They take the vows of religion, recite the Divine Office and are bound to other spiritual duties. They number about 80 brothers in the SSPX today (as of December 2004).

At the Seminary, the Brothers form an important part of the community. Archbishop Lefebvre wrote in the Statutes of the Society that the brothers should be as guardian angels of our communities. By their life of prayer and simplicity and cheerful generosity, they are a constant source of edification for all. The Seminary is not, ordinarily, the house of formation for the brothers. This is the job of the Jesus and Mary Novitiate in El Paso, Texas. Nevertheless, brothers are a welcome addition to any community and there are currently four brothers at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary.

The primary goal of the brothers of the Society of St. Pius X is the glory of God, their own sanctification, and the salvation of souls. The particular role of the Society brothers is in helping the apostolate of the priests in the priories, seminaries or schools. By their regular life of prayer, and, more concretely, by doing whatever work they are able to do, be it gardening, cooking, carpentry, artwork, secretarial work; or more directly helping in the apostolate by doing such things as sacristy work, catechism, teaching, and so on, they are contributing greatly to the service and glory of God.