Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary

The end of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary is to work for the sanctification of one’s neighbor through the generous offering of oneself in the apostolate according to the needs of the common good of the Congregation, of the Society of Saint Pius X and of the Church in the mission countries all over the world.

The Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary make a profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
The vow of poverty maintains the soul in humble trust in God’s Providence. Chastity consecrates the entire person to God thus rendering one’s apostolate fruitful. Obedience makes the soul surrender itself to God’s divine will: guaranty of salvation and source of blessings.


The sisters dedicate themselves with priority to God and to things pertaining to the Altar. Their exterior works, considering the aptitude and talents of each sister, are directed to children, women, and the Society of St. Pius X in mission countries through the teaching of catechism, teaching in schools, secretarial and accounting work, medical assistance as nurses or aids, sewing, housekeeping, farming…

An intense and deep spiritual life is the soul of all apostolate. The sisters daily spend part of their time in prayers : they chant the Prime, Sext, and Compline as well as recite the holy Rosary in common; the mental prayer, Bible reading, spiritual reading and personal prayer are also important part of their daily spiritual exercises, but their spiritual strength and apostolic spirit are drawn above all from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
All the rest of their activities revolve around the above columns of spiritual life in order that they may be able to transmit to others what they receive from the Divine Providence.

The religious formation begins with the Postulancy that lasts for a year or more during which the postulant wears a dark blue uniform with a veil, a sign of the beginning of her separation from the world. The end of this period is marked by the postulant’s entrance to the novitiate with the reception of the religious habit and a new religious name. The novitiate lasts for two years after which the novice makes the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience for three years. At the end of her three years in vows, the sister renews her vows for additional three years. After the period of temporary vows, which can last between six and nine years, the sister is then permitted to make her profession of perpetual vows. During the formation years preceding the first religious profession the candidates are introduced to knowing about the consecrated life and to things that pertain to it. For this they attend classes in Catechism, Spirituality, Religious Life and the Vows, Church History, Liturgy, Apologetics, Magisterium (Church Teaching), Gregorian Chant, English/French and Latin (this last is offered to everyone but it depends on the capacity of each candidate). They also acquire basic knowledge and training in sewing, cooking, housekeeping and other skills which are necessary for the sister’s future apostolate.

Any generous and interested lady who has attended the Tridentine Mass at least for two years and recommended by a priest of the SSPX or by any Traditional priests connected with the SSPX. She must be between 16 and 35 years of age (exceptions are applicable in some cases), mature, in good health, of good moral, free from impediments to the religious life, with a great desire to consecrate herself to God for the salvation of souls and ready to abandon everything for God’s sake.



Interested ladies may write to or contact the novitiate superior from whom they will receive an application form to
be filled up as well as a list of required documents to produce. The above papers are to be sent to the SSPX district superior of her country who, in his turn, will send the same papers to the novitiate superior. An acceptance letter will be sent to the interested person once the application has been examined and approved.


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