The Seminary of Ec么ne (Switzerland)


The International Seminary of Saint Pius X is situated at Ec么ne in the Valais Canton of Switzerland. First seminary of the Fraternity, the Seminary of Ec么ne is one of the six houses for formation for the future priests. In total the canditates to the priesthood receive a spiritual, liturgical, philosophical and theological training for five continuous years, after one year of spirituality at the Seminary of Flavigny (France).
The seminary chapel of Ec么ne is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The faithful may assist at Holy Mass which is celebrated in Latin in accordance with the traditional rite of the Catholic Church known as that of Saint Pius V.
Every day, in the seminary chapel the offices of the community are sung in Latin in accordance with the rules of Gregorian Chant.
The Seminary of Ec么ne was founded in 1971 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (1905 – 1991)
At the Seminary of Ec么ne can be found the tomb of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre since 1991.




Director : Father Beno卯t de JORNA
S茅minaire International St Pie X
CH-1908 Riddes, VS
Phone : + 41 (0)27 305 10 80
Fax : + 41 (0)27 744 33 19

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The Saint-Pius X Seminary welcomes french speaking seminarists.